About Us

Hi there, I’m Campbell Green, the founder of ControlC. I started the service back in 2012, and we officially formed as a New Zealand registered company in August 2014.

Campbell Green
Campbell GreenFounder Director

Campbell is a highly experienced IT professional with a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and has held senior positions at some of the world’s leading companies, including Xero, Cin7, Unisys, Telecom, KPMG, the Bank of Bermuda, and Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners – London.

In his previous roles, Campbell has been responsible for a wide range of IT initiatives, including the delivery of SaaS applications, the design and implementation of IT infrastructure, the provision of IT support services, and the development of networking and security solutions.

Campbell is also a successful entrepreneur. He built a backup and disaster recovery service which was later acquired by Nasdaq giant J2Global. He is also the founder of the current SaaS business ControlC.

Kent Dapiere
Kent DapiereDirector of Marketing

Kent Dapiere

Kent is a highly skilled IT sales and distribution expert with over 10 years of experience. He joined ControlC in 2016 as the Sales & Marketing Director, where he has made significant contributions to the company’s growth and success. With his strong technical understanding of IT and his extensive experience in product management, Kent has managed global brands such as Symantec, Linksys/Cisco, and Asus, providing him with a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of clients.

Kent’s expertise extends beyond sales and distribution, having served as the Country Manager of NETGEAR for 5 years. During his tenure, he developed their networking and backup/storage business into a credible solution across New Zealand’s diverse IT spectrum. His passion for delivering data integrity, backup, and disaster recovery to all businesses has driven his success in the industry.

Kent’s exceptional leadership skills, coupled with his technical expertise, have helped him establish himself as a valuable asset to ControlC. He has been instrumental in driving the company’s success, and his contributions have helped ControlC become a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery services in New Zealand. His knowledge of global brands and his experience in managing diverse IT solutions have been invaluable in developing the company’s strategies and identifying new opportunities for growth.

In summary, Kent is a highly skilled and experienced IT professional with a passion for delivering data integrity, backup, and disaster recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes. His technical expertise, leadership skills, and knowledge of global brands have helped him establish himself as a valuable asset to ControlC and a respected leader in the industry.

Arjay Orcasitas
Arjay OrcasitasTeam Lead Engineering

Arjay Ocasitas – Team Lead Engineering

I am a seasoned and accomplished Full-stack Developer, equipped with exceptional skills and vast experience. However, my true passion lies in imparting knowledge and guiding aspiring individuals. Armed with a solid educational foundation and a decade-long tenure as a professor, I possess an unparalleled grasp of software development principles and industry-leading practices. My forte lies in crafting powerful and scalable web applications that not only fulfill client requirements but also provide extraordinary user experiences.

By leveraging my extensive background as both an esteemed professor and a proficient full-stack developer, I offer a distinctive blend of technical prowess and teaching aptitude. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering innovation in software solutions while simultaneously empowering others to thrive and flourish in the ever-evolving realm of technology.

Emil Milan Magbanua
Emil Milan MagbanuaSenior Engineer

Emil Milan Magbanua – Senior Engineer

I am is a highly accomplished Senior Full-stack Developer with a remarkable track record of over 5 years, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to deliver intricate projects in .NET development with great success. Beyond my technical proficiency, I possess a profound understanding of the entire software development lifecycle, allowing me to collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, ensuring flawless project execution and punctual delivery.

In my role, I consistently pursue excellence by harnessing my strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. With a keen eye for detail, I swiftly identify potential issues and optimize web application performance. I adhere to industry best practices and coding standards, resulting in the production of clean, maintainable code that is easily comprehensible and scalable.

Furthermore, my relentless passion for continuous learning and staying ahead of emerging technologies keeps me at the forefront of the ever-evolving software development landscape. Actively seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skill set, I engage in industry conferences, participate in online communities, and explore novel frameworks and tools.

Overall, as a Senior Full-stack Developer, I am wholeheartedly committed to delivering exceptional outcomes through a potent combination of technical expertise, effective communication, and an unwavering drive for continuous improvement. With my comprehensive skill set and unwavering dedication to excellence, I am confident in my ability to make a substantial impact on any development project.